5 Tips to Help Dads Survive the Divorce Process

divorce tips for dads

Divorce can be devastating, but just because you’re ending your marriage doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your relationship with your kids.

Unfortunately, fathers get the short end of the stick in many divorces. You may want primary or joint physical custody but end up only seeing your kids every other weekend.

A divorce is already an emotionally overwhelming experience, but things get even more complicated when you’re a father fighting for child custody.

Don’t give up. You deserve to stay in your kids’ lives after the divorce.

Here are some helpful strategies for dads struggling to get through a divorce.

5 Divorce Tips for Dads

These tips can help you survive your divorce while maintaining a healthy relationship with your children.

#1 Stay Close to Your Kids

As you go through your divorce, you’ll start thinking about where you’ll move. If you want to maintain a relationship with your kids, stay as close as you can to them. You may want to start fresh and move far away from your ex, but staying close to your kids makes it easier to spend time with them.

You can still see your kids if you move a couple of hours away. But the distance can make it difficult for your kids to stay connected with you, and might make you feel like a part-time dad.

It’s also important to note that you should not move out of the family house until your divorce is finalized. If you leave the house, the courts may favor the mother in a custody battle.

#2 Help Your Children Cope

Kids’ lives get turned upside down when their parents get divorced. It may be hard for young children to understand what’s going on. Older kids and teens have a better understanding of what’s happening, but they might still struggle to cope with the situation.

To support your kids through this time, make sure you listen to them, give them avenues to express their feelings, and look for any behavioral changes. You should also consider having your child talk to a counselor. Showing that you support your kids emotionally can help them process the divorce and maintain a positive relationship with you.

#3 Keep Records of the Divorce Process

As you go through the divorce process, keep records of everything. This can include receipts of money you spend on the kids or any expenses you pay for. 

You should also record anything your spouse says to you about the divorce. Take note of any insults or threats you receive from them. You can use your records to obtain custody of your kids.

The courts tend to favor mothers, so you need evidence that shows you can provide for your kids or why your spouse isn’t suitable for custody.

#4 Manage Your Mental Health

While you must put your kids first during these times, you should also prioritize your mental health. 

The divorce process is draining, especially when you’re a father fighting for the right to see and care for your children. Try to find healthy outlets for your emotions and consider going to therapy. You should also look for a safe space to talk about your divorce that’s not in front of your kids or your spouse.

Managing your mental health is good for your well-being, but it also helps you be the best dad you can be for your kids.

#5 Seek Reliable and Empathetic Legal Help

The best thing you can do to survive the divorce process as a father is to seek legal help from an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer can help you navigate your divorce and keep the process simple. 

For example, they can protect your rights as a father and make sure your assets get divided fairly. They can advocate on behalf if you have to pay child support.

Most importantly, they can help you win custody of your children. 

Whether you’re seeking full custody, joint custody, or another solution, a divorce lawyer can help. Call a divorce attorney from Edwards Family Law to get started on your case.

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Separation is hard for both parents, but a good divorced dad will often need to fight the system to see his kids more often. If you want to be an active figure in your children’s life, consider talking with an experienced and reliable divorce lawyer.

At Edwards Family Law, we support fathers who need help with child support or custody disputes. We want to give divorced dads a fair shot at custody. We understand that your relationship with your kids means the world to you, so we’re here to help.

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