Alimony Modifications

Alimony modifications are actually quite tricky and it’s all dependent on your original order.

In Georgia, there are certain alimony orders that cannot be modified. If you agree to a lump sum, you cannot modify your alimony regardless of what happens.

That’s why when you’re going through a divorce, it’s really important to talk to your attorney about what alimony provision is best for you, because non-modifiable need means non-modifiable—you cannot change it no matter how dire your circumstances are.

If you do have an order that can be modified, then you go to the next step, which is, Has your income decreased, have the receiving parents moved in with someone else or remarried?

Those are factors that might affect a downward modification, but first you have to be eligible to modify your alimony.

So, you really need to make sure when you’re going through your divorce in Georgia—and if you’re agreeing to alimony—that your alimony can be modified in the future if there’s some unforeseen circumstance.

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